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The evolution of PEUGEOTs world car in Europe 1968 - 1983

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1968/69 sales brochure

On the 12th of September 1968, PEUGEOT presented its new top model to the public: The 504 BERLINE (sedan).
Initially, the model range consisted of a carburetor model with 1796 cc 4 cylinder engine with 82 bhp and the INJECTION model with 1796 cc 4 cylinder engine giving 97 bhp. Both models were available with either manual (column gear shift) or automatic (ZF 3HP22) transmission, a sunroof was standard.
504 Berline, taken from 1st sales brochure
What a rear end....those lights...grrrreat !
Known later as Series 1: 1968 PEUGEOT 504 Berline

One of the 1st released press photos

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No major design changes. Picture on the left shows well-stocked dashboard layout of those early models. Handbrake is still right below the steering wheel under the dash.

At 1969's Genva salon, the PEUGEOT 504 COUPE and CABRIOLET were presented to the public. The history of both models is also quite complex and will be featured at a later date.

pre-1070 dashboard

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European Berline sales brochure 1970

Late this year saw the introduction of the new 1971 cc, 93 bhp engine for the BERLINE, while the INJECTION received a 104 bhp version of the same unit. Another brand new engine was the 2112 cc Diesel, giving healthy 65 bhp. In addition, all current models got the restyled steering wheel pictured right.
In September 1970, PEUGEOT presented the 504 wagon, being longer than the Berline, also having a longer wheelbase, a higher roof in the back and a solid rear axle with four coil springs. The wagon was available as FAMILIALE, BREAK and COMMERCIALE.
Redesigned steering wheel

Original photo of german 504 BREAK press-release map

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The wagon range was enlarged by the new BREAK SUPER LUXE, model code SL, with the 1971 cc, 93 bhp engine (picture far right).

1971 504 Berline brochure
504 Break SL

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Manual gearbox models now had a floor-mounted gear lever, the horn switch was transferred to the flasher-stalk. Handbrake now between the seats. Also new was a black plastic ventilation mesh in the C-pillar. Leather seats were available as luxury option.
The COMMERCIALE came now also with standard headlights instead of single round units.

Commerciale with round headlights
1972 COMMERCIALE (left), BREAK and FAMILIALE sales brochures
Berline sales brochure 1972
floor gear change 1972
C-pillar ventilation mesh 1972
Significant changes: Floor gear lever, ventilation

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Due to the oil crisis, in April PEUGEOT presented the 504 L basic model - in Germany at the IAA - with a live rear axle, rear brake drums, less trim, different seats and dashboard, no sunroof and a 1796 cc engine, giving 79 bhp. The ZF 3 HP22 equipped AUTOMATIQUE version had 81 bhp.
PEUGEOT named the standard model now GL and GLD, the INJECTION became the TI. This year also saw the introduction of the 504 LD with 1948 cc, available as BERLINE and COMMERCIALE, to complete the successful L-model range.

Flashy 1973 BERLINE prospect
BREAK brochure, same style

Dashboard of 504 L model
dashboard of my 504 L

Less trim, no overriders: This is a 504 L
Michael Getzlaff owns this 1974 model

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In August this year, the carburettor for the 2 litre models was changed from Solex SEIA to the new Zenith INAT, which makes such a car a '75 model. The BREAK received gas springs for the rear hatch instedt of steel ones. This years' BERLINE sales brochure is shown right, BREAK brochure far right.

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Start of the 2nd series with new pull-door handles. All models, except the L, had a more massive looking steering wheel. GL and TI got restyled steel rims with 9 rectangular venting holes. The L kept the old 8 oval hole rims. Also new flat engine oil dipstick, new distributor marks, change from Bilux to H4 lights and identical gearbox oil change intervalls for all models. The production of the BREAK SL ended this year.

1975 Berline prospect
1975 Break prospect

The big difference between Series 1 and 2
Left rim is pre-75, still used for 504 L afterwards. Right steel wheel has the later rectangular venting holes
early rim, 8 oval holes
late rim, 9 rectangular holes

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In 1976 PEUGEOT improved the power output of BERLINE engines, the figures are now 96 bhp for the GL and 106 bhp for the TI. The later received double round headlights for the german market, just for one year. Introduced was also the 504 GLD with a brand new 2304 cc Diesel power plant with 70 bhp. The L got the redesigned all-plastic radiator grill pictured below, and the new Solex BICSA carburettor. Indicator and parking lights swapped position and size, left picture is pre-76. Wipers now operated from colum stalk.

1976 Berline sales brochure
1976 Break sales brochure

pre-76 indicator / parking light
post-76 indicator / parking light
Positions of indicator / parking lights changed

Double-round headlights came for german cars only in
1976 TI-models

504 L radiator grill 1976
New grill for 504 L model

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Revised door trim for GL and TI. A black plastic radiator grill with two chrome stripes replaced the old all chrome grill with 9 fins - except on L models. BREAK models also available with Solex 32-35 TMIMA carb. Cars for the german market only came in 1977 with two rectangular air intake holes cut into the front panel to improve cooling (maybe necessary on high-speed autobahn cruising...). Those additional air intakes were discontinued 1978.
pre-77 door trim
more modern, but not that refined trim came 1977
Pictured above: pre- and post-1977 door trim
1977 radiator grill
New front grill, above, and air intakes, below, came 1977

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In 1978, the old 1948 cc Diesel with 53 bhp was no longer in production. The L was re-named "504" and fitted with an ugly black plastic dash and the steering wheel of the GL and TI. Since Juli this year, a total of 2.100.000 504 models were sold, in Germany 190.000.

Instantly visible: Ugly dash of 1978 504 L

1978 Berline sales brochure
1978 Break sales brochure
1978 sales brochures of 504 BERLINE...   and BREAK

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Production of the 2 liter models ceased this year. In Germany, a last edition series of the TI was available, with factory fitted AMIL alloys, tinted glass, Tweed seats and trim - equal to the then new 505 SR/STI - chrome/rubber strips and metallic paint
A PICK-UP was added to the 504 family. It could be ordered in countless different versions, with gas or Diesel engines. Converters used the cab-and-platform option to built a vast number of specials.
Also presentation of the 504 successor, the brand-new 505 in May this year.

Interior of 1979 special edition 504 TI

504 Pick-up, in production since 1979
Addition to the successfull 504 family: The 504 PICK-UP

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Introduced were the GR/GRD and SR/SRD models, mechanically identical to the 504 L, but better equipped. S models had tinted glass, electric windows (front) and rubber side stripes. BREAK and FAMILIALE were still available with the 1971 cc unit (96 bhp) or the 2304 cc Diesel. DANGEL started offering 4x4 conversions for BREAK and PICK-UP.

1980s 504 SR is mechanically based on L model

1980 BERLINE / BREAK sales brochures, in well-known identical design

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The last Berline models: GR/GRD and SR. The last wagon models: BREAK / BREAK D, BREAK GR/GRD, FAMILIAL / FAMILIAL D. Note that the model name changed from FAMILIALE, at least in Germany. BREAK and FAMILIAL came with a standard rear wiper. The 1796cc XM7 engine would now need Super insted of Regular fuel. Smaller format of sales brochures.

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2112 cc Diesel discontinued. This was the last model year of the 504 in Germany. This years' also small sized BERLINE sales brochure is shown right, the identical styled BREAK brochure far right.

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After more than three million cars, production of the 504 BERLINE ceased in Europe. But 504s were then built in Argentina, China, Kenya and Nigeria until end of 2001, although heavily modified and not as refined as they used to be.
Not only in Europe most 504s have disappeared from the streets. Now is the time to seek out and preserve those that remain...

1983 BERLINE / BREAK sales brochure

Get your 504 and have some fun together...